The European Council adopted the resolution on the promotion of the social economy in Europe

The European Council of Ministers of Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs, meeting on 7 December in Brussels, approved the promotion of the social economy as a key driver of economic and social development in Europe.

This resolution, citing  the 2012 CIRIEC report,  presents  the social economy in the European Union and invites  the Member States and the European Commission to “establish, implement and develope, strategies and european programs, national, regional and / or local in order to strengthen social economy, entrepreneurship and social innovation. ”

The resolution underscores the social economy’s contribution to several key EU objectives: smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, high quality jobs, social cohesion, social innovation, local and regional development and protection of the environment. It is an important tool that helps to ensure the wellness of the people, and a sector that has  managed the economic crisis much better than other sectors and whose role is inscreasingly recognized in Europe.

Some of the measures proposed by Council of Europe include those to improve the visibility  of the social economy and its social impact, in order to improve knowledge and the formulation of public policies and means to involve youth in the social economy.

The European Council recognizes the importance of legal frameworks which enable the potential of social economy enterprises and maximize their positive social impact in terms of jobs and growth. The resolution also seeks to analyze and  promote the most appropriate financial instruments in order to establish a global financial ecosystem that enables the development and growth of social economy enterprises.

Finally, the European Council invites social economy organisations and their partners to get involvde in the development of strategies and pan-european policies to promote the social economy.


Source : (18 /12/ 2015)