Are you interested in establishing contact with actors of the social and solidarity economy working on public policies in a particular region or sector or contacting one of the organisations mentionned on the website?

Write us! We’d be pleased to lend a hand.

In order for us to better understand your needs, please provide us with your:

Name and Surname; Email address; Telephone number; the Name of your organisation; Website; Sector/domain of work;
Expectactions -what kind of an exchange are you looking for (for example: an exchange of experiences, a technical partnership, financial contributions, a market to purchase/sell products, advice, etc)?

Spread the news

We are pleased to publicise announcements regarding public policies for the social and solidarity economy. If you have an announcement to make, are searching for collaborators or have other news you’d like to broadcast, please send them to us.

Identify the SSE throughout the world 

To see a map of the initiatives in the SSE taking place all over the world, consult the Global Map of the Social and Solidarity Economy, a project of the  Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of the Social and Solidarity Economy (RIPESS). It is an ongoing project and new data is added periodically. For technical information on the project, click here.

Learn more about organisations of the SSE

The ressource center for the SSE makes available publications, interventions and other public documents of SSE organisations from around the world. To search by organisation name, click here. To indicate new documents or organisations that are not listed on the website, click here.

Contribute to the RELIESS Centre

Interested in collaborating with us? The Center is open to developing partnerships throughout the world with other organisations that are working on the study, the promotion or the development of public policies in favour of the social and solidarity economy.

If this opportunity interests you, or for more information, write us.