Local governments play a key role in territorial development and the well-being of their population. It is at the local level that many of the development dynamics that determine the quality of our everyday life converge, and where the sense of belonging and the impact of citizen participation become more important. Social and solidarity economy (SSE) enterprises are important players in this arena, particularly since they emerge in response to the needs and aspirations of the communities where they are born.

Support from municipalities, oftentimes one of the most important economic actors of a territory, is usually critical for a SSE enterprise. Many studies and events, including the Forum on Municipalities and the Social Economy co-organized by the Chantier de l’économie sociale and the TIESS (organization for liaison and transfer – Innovative Territories ESS) in April 2014, have illustrated the importance of these links and the important impact they have on citizens’ wellbeing. However, the tools available to municipalities interested in supporting the social and solidarity economy and the possible applications for these tools are still little known or understood.

This section provides examples of municipal policies or initiatives supporting the SSE via mechanisms such as:

  1. Public procurement
  2. Development structures
  3. Sectoral measures
  4. Financial tools
  5. Support to target populations

For more information

  1. RELIESS Documentation centre (scope : municipal)
  2. Listen to the RELIESS webinar of October 21st 2014 on “Municipal Initiatives for the Social and Solidarity Economy” or download the presentation.
  3. Download a Framework of Analysis on Municipal Partnerships with the SSE and watch the tutorial on how to use this Framework
  4. Documentation produced by the TIESS – Allies for the development and well-being of communities (in French only)

In some cases, municipalities may choose to partner directly with a SSE enterprise to ensure the production of a good or service on their territory. Within the context of the Forum on Municipalities and the Social Economy, the TIESS identified twelve innovative experiences of partnership between a SSE enterprise and a municipality in Quebec. These cases served as material to produce a general “recipe for success” on such partnerships and led to the creation of a Framework of analysis for municipalities to evaluate the viability of an eventual partnership (see above).

» To read the analysis that emerges from the twelve cases considered

» To read the case studies:


*** The examples mentioned aim to illustrate certain practices. If you have experiences to submit, information to add, or other suggestions, please contact us. ***