Montevideo creates a SSE Unit

The mayor of Montevideo, Daniel Martinez has decided to create a space dedicated to the SSE. A Social and Solidarity Economy Unit is thus being trained. The unit will focus on the relationship between the administration and this form of self-managed enterprises.

Martinez will be fulfilling a campaign commitment to collaborate with and promote cooperative ventures. The Administration supports collective enterprises, both through purchasing and by encouraging their productive capacity.

This new initiative will create new incentives for their development by relating them to an improvement in working conditions in order for measures to benefit all Montevideo residents. The cooperatives targeted work mainly in the areas of cleaning, culture and economic development. In the last campaign, the mayor had promised to address on issues related to domestic violence. Cooperatives are seen as an alternative to provide an economic solution to this problem.

More broadly, the unit will work on two aspects: increasing the ties of between city government and social economy enterprises providing cleaning, sweeping and public space maintenance services, and strengthening the productive processes of cooperative ventures.

In this regard, the administration announced that it will accelerate the process for allocating land suitable for housing construction. Politically, the administration has expressed its support for organized initiatives that formalize territorial insertion, provide added value to neighborhoods and strengthen bonds within the community.

Moreover, the mayor has said his administration will review the operating of existing contracts with NGOs (currently more than 100). Martinez underlined that « these organisations do a double duty: they provide a service and carry out a social mission to help integrate sectors in lack of opportunities. »

Municipal sources assured that the issue of promoting cooperative will also be analysed at the Cabinet level in the coming weeks.

The new structure will be directed by Daniel Arbulo, a figure closely linked to the cooperative movement.

Source: (5/08/15)