Join us at GSEF2016!

Friends and colleagues of RELIESS,

You will certainly have noted the lack of updates on the RELIESS website since the Spring. Currently all of our energy is focused on preparing the upcoming 2016 Global Social Economy Forum –GSEF2016 that will take place on September 7th and present practices of collaboration between local governments and the SSE for the development of cities.

As such, GSEF2016 will be both a continuation of the efforts that led to the creation of RELIESS and will lead to several projects into which the RELIESS will be integrated. Stay tuned for news in this regards and until then join us in Montreal in September to share your best practices of coconstructed public policy, identify new opportunities to collaborate and network with actors working all over the world to develop the SSE from within civil society or within government.

For more information on GSEF2016 and to register click here.