Galleco: A local and departmental currency

The Director of Galleco Association, Anne Bruzac explains in an interview the process that led the launch, awareness and operation of Galleco currency.

The Galléco has the distinction of being a local currency with a departmental scale. Used in Ille-et-Vilaine – particularly on the territories of Rennes, Redon et Fougères – it also has the distinction of being born in 2013 under the leadership of the elected and Services Department. The Galléco becomes part of a process of experimentation around local currencies launched in 2005 Ille-et-Vilaine. If the role of the community remains essential, the Galléco has found its audience and mobilizing citizens and companies in its daily operation as in its development.

In 2011, the new elected county wished revive a local currency as part of their program to support SSE: for 2 years of studies and more than 30 public meetings are held in Rennes, Redon and Fougeres. The objective was to inform citizens about the issues around the money but also to create local groups of people wishing to get involved in the creation and animation of a local currency. These groups quickly began working on the principles of operation of the future currency: melting or not approval procedure for candidate companies, terms of issuance and exchange … The Department, through the elected representatives and technicians, was the catalyst creating the Galléco before handing over to a local association in 2013.

Functioning of the association Galleco

The Galleco Association has a board of 4 colleges grouping the members of law who are the county elected officials, citizens / consumers, members, companies and partners. The office of the association has four vice presidents representing each one of the colleges. Also the association has set up three local animation committees gather all the members of a territory. It is these members, supported by two employees from Galléco who organize or participate in events to raise awareness and to adhere new users and decide to accept companies that want to use Gallécos. These monthly meetings bring together an average of 30 people.

Galleco new development tracks

The Galleco has 1000 users and 180 member companies. In 2014, 60,000 Gallécos were issued . The priority is to further expand this strong growth by developing the circulation of money . Two tracks seem promising in light of certain experiments conducted abroad : developing a digital Galleco and payment of certain public services in local currency.

Finally , the association also plans to strengthen the role of members: they are the first ambassadors of the currency. Most of the new users are familiar with the market presence or local events. The activities are often manned by volunteers.