Commitment of French local governments in favour of the SSE

On July 3, on the occasion of the 4th National Conference, the collective commitment of the French local officials in favor of the SSE resulted in the official presentation of an appeal by local elected representatives in favor of the SSE. A call which today includes nearly 280 signatories, including more than 60 mayors and presidents of communities, and has also been signed by the main national networks of regional governments.

In early June the RTES launched a national call in favour of the SSE to local elected representatives. The objective was that local elected representatives at all territorial levels strongly affirm their commitment towards public policy for the SSE.

The elected representatives highlight the many advances in the development of the SSE since 2013: the Law on SSE adopted in July 2014; the recognition of the processes leading to Pôles Territoriaux de Coopération Economique; the legal definition of a subsidy and the signing of a charter of reciprocal commitments between the State, local governments and associations; the growing number of elected officials and of local governments that include the SSE within their public policies; the success of the national gathering of local governments for the SSE in 2013 and 2014; the development of the number of « sociétés coopératives d’intérêt collectif » (multi-stakholder cooperatives ); the rise of social enterprises in Europe…

But one must also recognize several factors that prevent governments from moving from declarations of intent to the true development of the SSE. The elected representatives called for the SSE to benefit from « national political support that reflects the importance of the issues faced »

The document in question underlines that local authorities are the first point of service to answer the expectations of citizens in terms of access to employment and services, are the best placed to mobilize all actors in the territories and to encourage the development of an economy with meaning and aimed at satisfying the collective interest and the needs of territories and their inhabitants, particularly young people.

The document commits  elected officials:

• To develop the SSE through the implementation of territorial strategies for the SSE, co-constructed with local actors

• To develop sustainable procurement

• To enable the SSE to contribute to all public policies

• To support social innovation

• To dare to experiment, innovate and research on the SSE to do more and better than what is foreseen by the law and to do it together.

Source: (23/07/15)